So what makes SSO different?

Student subject enrolment is a complex, yet vital procedure within schools and colleges. SSO gives students the freedom to enrol for courses online (often at home with parent involvement) whilst ensuring that the school’s curriculum and organisational requirements are met.

Why should you continue to struggle with subject selection, when SSO can do all the hard work for you?

Students and Staff
SSO is simple and fast for students and staff to use. It is designed to guide students through the process step-by-step, with instructions along the way. It will alert students if mistakes are made, provide them with billing information and permission notes to download, and save all their choices for them to review or modify at a later stage. Staff or career advisors are able to check at a glance how specific students have enrolled, save ‘teacher copies’ of how they would change enrolment for certain students, then discuss this with students at a later date.

Admin Staff
We set up SSO on our secure system for you. All you need to do is supply us with student data and the subject selection requirements for your school. We will check that you are happy with the system, and then you take over as administrator of your SSO system. This will allow you to add/delete students, and make changes to teacher, class and enrolment details.

Once subject selection has been completed, the old data can be archived in SSO while the subject selection framework is kept in place. Admin may then make minor adjustments in the system to teaching staff, classes offered etc. A new student list can be easily uploaded into SSO … and you are ready to start the process all over again.

If there are any questions along the way, schools can contact our friendly Help Desk team either by email or phone. Simple!

As students complete the online registration for subjects, SSO ensures that the correct combinations of choices are made for each student, enrolment numbers for each subject are adhered to, pre-requisite subjects have been completed, and mandatory subjects have been automatically enrolled in.

By liberating admin and staff from managing and sorting data, SSO allows them to focus on monitoring the suitability of choices being made. Career advisors and staff are able view a students’ selections, then create a ‘teacher copy’ of changes that they would suggest. This potentially enables them to sit down with a student, discuss their options, then adopt or reject the advisor’s advice with a click of a button.

SSO can be monitored by multiple stakeholders at all times, including: school management, students/parents, staff and department heads. With minimum effort, school management is able to remain in charge and informed on student subject selection at the school at all times. All school processes and student files are kept in the school’s SSO library from year to year as archived information to refer back to.

SSO can totally remove a school’s printing costs in relation to subject selection!

Background information and selection sheets, normally sent home in booklet form to parents, can all be incorporated into SSO. Permission notes and fee notices can be attached to specific subjects in SSO as downloads for parents to print out and send back in to school. (Adding up the printing cost and human resource hours required to complete subject selections in schools usually more than covers the cost of running SSO in the first year!)

Enrolment information can either be printed or downloaded into spreadsheets. These can then be manipulated and imported into school databases.

Schools increasingly need to be security conscious with all student information.

For example, the law throughout Australia states that if a student is specifically named as a protected person in an AVO, confirmation of enrolment must not be given to strangers by the school. With many online booking systems, information that is being entered via the internet by the school is simply not secure.
We take security very seriously. SSO maintains the highest level of Internet Security available. This means that any data entered into the system is 99.99999% protected—the same level of protection used by banks and big business.
Also for Queensland state schools CountryNet Software Pty Ltd is accredited with GITC v5, for your reference, our GITC number is Q-5347.

While most software companies provide limited technical support, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. Email queries are answered within 24 hours, and our Help Desk team gives prompt phone support. When you sign up we offer you one free instructional webinar on SSO. We want to ensure that subject selection runs smoothly and efficiently at your school!

SSO enables students to select subjects at any time—either in class with career advisors … or at home on any internet-linked computer.

SSO can be modified to suit your school and its specific requirements. This not only includes the selection choices that students will be presented with, it also involves customisation of the SSO student pages with your own instructions, colour scheme and school logo.

Admin and staff can modify student and class details as required. They can also save a ‘teacher copy’ of any student selections, with their own suggested choices selected. This enables them to demonstrate a suggested path for students which they can choose to adopt or discard. Admin staff and staff may sometimes elect to enrol on behalf of a student.

There is an initial registration fee for using SSO. This includes conversion and setup of your current subject selection process to electronic format. It also includes original design and setup to provide easy access to school staff for online editing.

Each year you use the system there is a smaller annual fee charged. This includes continual access for admin, staff and all students for the year. It allows your data to be stored and archived securely from year to year, and access to our phone and email help desk.

Discounted prices are available if you already using PTO, so please contact us to discover the most effective way to implement SSO in your school or college.

When considering the hours usually required by Admin staff and staff to organise subject selection, we calculate that the system more than pays for itself in the first year! Contact us to find out further details on pricing.