SSO revolutionises the way students make subject selections.

  1. Students login to a personalised screen using any internet-linked computer
  2. SSO takes students (and parents) through each step of the selection process.
  3. Students may revisit their decisions right up to the cut-off date
  4. Mandatory subjects are pre-booked for students
  5. SSO alerts students to any pre-requisites, subject costs and permission notes needed.
  6. Schools may attach PDF files to the program, then prompt students to print these as required

SSO can include links to any online handbooks you have, or we can put options information into SSO so that students can access it immediately without leaving SSO!

SSO allows students to choose subjects for the following year/semester step-by-step online, with the enforcement of simple rules. At the end of the selection process, each student is prompted to print or save a copy of the selections made.