Things Admin Can Do with SSO

  • View and edit student data as required. This includes adding/deleting students and registering on behalf of students.
  • Monitor whether students have completed registration correctly.
  • View and edit the subjects being offered, the grouping and steps of subjects, the associated descriptive information and rules, and the method of selection for each group or individual subject.
  • Apply caps and/or waiting lists to any subjects that need limited class sizes
  • Set a cut-off time for each year/grade. The cut-off time can be overridden for any given student, typically to allow extra time as required.
  • Download subject billing information for each student based on their selections.
  • Attach PDF documents to the program for students to print out as required (e.g. permission notes related to specific subjects, subject equipment lists)
  • Change messages featured on the login page for students, and on the booking page.
  • Edit the student report that student and parents sign to confirm their selections.

Administration Staff

SSO will…

  • Organise all data collection, storage, sorting and reporting for your subject selections
  • Place you in control of subject selection at every step of the process
  • Remove printing costs of subject selection handbooks and notes
  • Promote efficiency and accuracy
  • Streamline the whole subject selection process
  • Give you timely, accurate and reliable information on which to base staffing and class decisions

What Do You Need to Do?

  • We set up SSO for you on our secure system.

    All you need to do is supply us with student data and the subject selection requirements for your school. We check you are happy with the system, and then you take over as administrator of your SSO system. This will allow you to monitor and make changes to the system as needed. Simple!
  • Once subject selection has been completed..

    …and you have saved any student enrolment information you need for your records—the old student data can be deleted while keeping the subject selection framework in place. Admin may then make minor adjustments in the system to teaching staff, classes offered, or ask us to do this for you. A new student list is then uploaded into SSO via an Excel spreadsheet…and you are ready to start the process all over again.