Subject Selection Online removes the challenges of subject selection

by guiding students step-by-step through the registration process!

How SSO Benefits You

SSO Coordinator

  • Main administrator for the system.
  • Has complete access to the subject selection process – can act in multiple ‘roles’:

    • HoLA
    • Counsellor
    • Home Teacher
    • Student (if necessary).

Head of Learning Area

  • Role designed to focus on which students are able to choose which course.
  • Can override marks to allow or disallow selections they are responsible for.
  • Can see the results of students who will have access to their courses.
  • Extract spreadsheet of selections made for assigned courses.


  • Designed to ensure students are making appropriate choices in line with their career aspirations.

  • Can act as a student to complete selections (as long as students have consented).
  • Can make selection recommendation in line with students’ career goals.
  • Can view student results against pre-requisite requirements.
  • Extract spreadsheet of selections made by assigned students.

Home Teacher

  • Responsible for ensuring their assigned students complete the selection process, and don’t have login issues.
  • Can view checks which show which sections have been completed, but not the specific selections made.
  • Can view the details in the student profile, as well as changing PINs.

“SSO has been a brilliant tool for gathering our course selection information for our 2015 students in all year groups. In the past we have relied on paper forms, manual checking to ensure breadth, depth and graduation requirements will be met and then manual data entry into our Student Information System. These are all time consuming and open to error. We decided to go with SSO as we could produce a selection process which removed the likelihood of a number of errors.”

Susanna Blitvich, Head of Learning, Carine Senior High School

“Bringing SSO into Ocean Reef was a tremendous relief. It saved us time, reduced stress of staff and helped make the entire subject selection process smooth and efficient. I can’t speak highly enough of SSO and Countrynet.”

Belinda Hall, Deputy Principal, Ocean Reef Senior High School


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Common Questions

Can I try it before I buy?

What if I’m not happy with the way it works?

How much time is needed to set everything up for starting SSO?

Yes. As long as you are employed at a school, give us a call on AUS: (02) 4304 3000 or send in an enquiry and we will book you in for a demo. Click Here

We are so confident in the quality of our service that if you are unhappy with our system’s performance for any valid reason, we will refund your money in full.

We can set up your SSO site within a day, giving you access to the site immediately. The subject selection process can then be implemented within one or two days depending on its complexity. If you allow two or three weeks for setup then we will have plenty of time to sort out any special requirements you might want to include.

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