Why Subject Selection Online?

Student subject selection often drains unnecessary resources from admin and teaching staff. Ensuring that prerequisites are met, mandatory subjects are chosen, and clashes in timetabling are avoided are stressful and complex challenges.

Subject Selection Online (SSO) removes many of these challenges by guiding students step-by-step through the registration process—alerting them when errors are made, pre-registering them in mandatory subjects, and allowing parents/ teachers to review their choices and make enrolment changes when necessary.

How SSO Can Help

  • SSO Admin staff load student data and subject selection parameters into your secure system
  • Students login to SSO to make subject selections with their parents able to oversee the whole process
  • Teachers or careers advisors quickly check that all students have registered correctly
  • School Admin staff download enrolment information ready for timetabling, subject fees due for each student, and class enrolments for teachers

How easy is that?

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